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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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answers from police. >> first, wild weather tears a path of destruction across the southeast as homes are destroyed and at least three people are dead. the system is combeth closer and closer to c tral florida. parts of the area are under a tornado watch. we start things off in the pinpoint weather center. good morning, central florida. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison, along with troy bridges. we have a threat for severe weather over the next several hours. >> it does happen around 8:00 this morning and continues through 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon. it is all because of a front. a tornado watch issued this morning. that is for marion and for sumter county. that means conditions are favorable for tornadoes. when you hear us say there is a tornado warning, that means there is already a doppler indicated tornado. that hasn't happened yet. the line still out in the gulf of mexico. we are talking about this watch. meaning conditions are favorable for the next few hours. that watch in effect through 10:00 this morning for marion
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this will likely be expanded to many other regions into the next few hours. we'll watch it closely as this line will be moving in. the severe threat, mainly strong winds greater than 450 miles an hour. we cannot rule out a rotating storm to lead to a tornado. big storms, severe thunderstorms moving through the big bend area. soon. storms. 81 at 4:00 with rain chances tapering off. we'll talk about the timing straight ahead. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. >> so far off to a quiet start with zero reported accidents for the time being. construction is very quickly picking up. this morning, you can see a line of construction causing no breaks in volume in the green, looking just fine heading out the door on this wednesday morning. drive time, i-4, i-95 object beachline, things are in top shape so far.
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for the time being. back to you. >> back to the weather. we have brand new video just in showing the damage caused after a tornado creates a path of destruction in parts of the panhandle. there are reports of a two mile damage in pensacola. >> emergency workers searching for people who could be in trouble. lost everything. >> all morning long, video has been coming into our news room showing the devastating damage. the storm ripped apart homes. the search continues for victims. >> we got everybody downtown and got under the table, all the windows came in. >> a two mile path of destruction after a tornado rips through tuesday night. strong winds tossing trees into the street, flipping large vehicles and tearing the roofs
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>> rescue efforts continuing as crews went door to door searching for victims. the storm system striking here already proven deadly across the south. >> it is a jumbled mess. these travel trailers were picked up and torn apart. >> two people were killed and more than 340 hurt after an rv struck a park. those hiding for safety describe the storm like nothing you have ever experienced. >> wind picked up. before you know it, debris was flying everywhere. house. >> the same weather system is expected to bring the possibility of severe weather today. more than a dozen schools in north florida have already cancelled classes in anticipation of pad weather. >> it is tough to look at that
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we'll check back in with you. >> troy will be pinpointing storms. you can get live radar right down to your neighborhood. search wkmg right now. >> in daytona beach, reports of multiple victims after a shooting there. we know this happened at two different scenes. one at sheridan, another not far away on ingrim boulevard. news 6 johnny is there live working to get more answers from police. what do we know so far? >> at least we do know according to those reports there are two people sho at those two scenes. police just cleared the scene behind me. at this point, police are not saying much. i want to show you video. it was an active scene overnight.
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cruisers and officers swarm both of those scenes. it appears one of those victims was shot right near the police athletic league center. we don't have information on their conditions or if a dangerous gunman is on the loose right now. we have put in multiple calls with the daytona beach police. we have not heard back. i'll be pressing for more answers. answers answers. >> also breaking news from overnight in 2016. nevada caucus nights and it is another big win for donald trump. with 97% of precincts reporting, trump got. the battle between marco rubio
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the polls showed trump did well for those who want a political outsiders. >> we have great numbers coming out of texas. amazing numbers coming out of the tennessee and georgia and arkansas. a couple of weeks later, florida. we love florida. >> many people will be watching supertuesday next week when voters from a dozen states will make their voices heard. mark lehman has a full break down and what that could mean at the bottom of the hour. >> a seminole county mother is set to face a judge. it comes one day after police say virginia shot and killed her own son while he was taking a shower at the oak harbor condo complex. mark lehman is live at the seminole county jail. have police said anything about why she did this, kirsten?
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motive from police, only saying there was a violet history between the woman and her son and ortega planned the murder of her son. details of all this expected to come out in court. >> the 459-year-old virginia orte ga waking up behind bars, as the mother accused of shooting her son while he was in the shower. as his photo finally surfaced, neighbors could hardly speak. >> i can't believe that's him. >> police say a relative called yesterday morning when blake didn't show up for work, saying they were worried he might be in danger. officers say when ortega wouldn't answer the door, they had to force their way in and found her with a gun by her son in the shower.
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on in people's lives and in their homes. you never know. >> we did some digging and find out ortega is a medical transskrigs igs. per page says she works for orlando health. we'll have much more on her first appearance in court on >> two high school students accused of bringing a gun to umatilla high school could go before a judge today. deputies say after getting a tip from a classmate, they found this gun in a jacket pocket of the 17-year-old yesterday. police say it had no ammo. an and it was unoperable. he said he got it from another student. both are being charged. >> we were there when 64-year-old terry jenkins bonded out of jail. police say his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit
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investigators say he slammed into another car, killing 349-year-old brandy cole and 32-year-old sylvia baras. he is charged with vehicular homicide and dui. >> troops need help getting results finding the semitruck driver involved in a crash. that driver hittersa vasquez in orange county. vasquez was seriously hurt. troopers tell us a driver stopped until emergency vehicles stopped at the scene. he took off before troopers could speak to him. the driver was in a semi with a white trailer. so far they have not given a description of that driver. >> celebrity sightings are common. >> a police chief is rubbing elbows with hollywood's biggest names. he met with jay leno this week. there they are. the former "tonight" show host
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stand up. the chief says leno is a funny guy, always cracking jokes. >> troy, today is a big weather day. >> a weather alert day as we are pinpointing storms moving in in a big line. you can see the line in the big bend of florida. this big box is a tornado watch in effect until 10:00 this morning stretching up into georgia. that is in effect for our area in marion county and in sumter county until 10:00. likely to be expanded to other areas. we'll see some of these big storms push through. the big bend area seeing lightning. for us the kids need to have their rain gear, maybe a day to drive them, pick them up. we are talking about the risk of tornadoes. we get up to 81 at 3:00 today. coming up, we'll talk more about the timing.
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you can expect the storms and how strong they will be. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. >> keeping a close eye on things. right now, doing fine heading out the door. traveling early, i-4, you are right on time, eastbound and westbound seeing no delays out there. same thing goes if you are traveling on the expressway, only taking you six minutes westbound. 417 to downtown, only eight minutes. my live cameras not showing a lot going on. no flashing lights. not a lot for cars. as we look at the expressway by orlando winter garden road. one or two cars. back to you. >> still ahead, a shakeup for the new bear safety ordinance. >> why one community is exempt from fines. >> it serves the living god.
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find out the issue right at the center of the controversy. >> parts of central florida under a tornado watch. troy is pinpointing the severe threat.
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>> we have a brand new weather watch for marion and for sumter county until 10:00. moving into those zones, marion, sumter county first at k48 and pushing through at 9:00 right along i-4, at 141:00 at lunchtime. bad timing for folks out and about. strong winds at 50 miles an hour, the chance for rotating storms continuing through 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. there it is through brevard county and osceola county at 5:00. by 6:00, much of this pushes out. we'll talk about how strong these storms will be straight ahead. >> troy has already been pushing
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today's weather get it for free on wtmg and downloading that app in your app store right now. >> tempers flared last night during a debate on a proposed policy. >> i want this to go away. i want to be so far buried in a deep well that your grandchildren won't be looking at it when they are sitting in your seat. >> while religious convictions fueled most arguments saying a change is reverse discrimination on christian children. the man behind the policy change say people are misinterpreting the intent. >> race, national origin. >> after five hours the board decided to hold off on sending the antidiscrimination policy
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kinks. >> weeks later after officials implemented new rules to keep neighborhoods safe from bears and one community won't have to abide by that ordinance. according to the sentinel, homeowners living in the neighborhood east of i-4 won't be fined for leaving trash cans unsecured. last month people in the same neighborhood asked to be exempt from the change because they said they had never seen bears. they may have to follow the ordinance if fwc crews see an increase in bear encounters. >> ramon castro brother of fidel castro has died. the life long rancher prefrpd tending crops and livestock. following the cuban revolution, he often worked as a consultant for the ministry of agriculture. ramon was 91. >> public schools hosting
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the school grades released earlier this month. officials say because of recent changes, they will have nine meetings to discuss these changes with parents and also community members. the first meeting starts tonight at 6:00 at boone high school. >> schools received a b overall grade from the state. >> she is less than 100 pounds, pound for pound, she has more size. goal. she hits the gym for two hours a day four days a week. while she has only had one official fight, she is the champ of her weight class. with female boxer hard to come by, she is throes her weight around with older boys. now she is training next month. >> you are a role model for a lot of girls. >> i know. i have a lot of girls following me on instagram. it feels good that i'm inspiring a lot of girls. >> beat up on those boys p.
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two years ago when her dad got into the sport to lose weight. >> no one will be taking her lunch money. >> my daddy told me a long time ago, you are no one's punching bag. >> there you go. kids are up against a lot. maybe she will be friends friends. today we have a weather alert day. we'll pinpoint the app. do it already, we are sending out alerts. there is the tornado watch until 10:00 this morning for parts of marion county and for sumter county. i have just updated with more information with wind. you are watching right now, we'll tell you as well, let's get you straight to it and show you what we are talking about. the tornado watch for marion and sumter county until 10:00 this morning. you get updates on the app. search wkmg in the app store. you get them instantly on the phone. if you have to leave in the next
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work, you want to know what is going on. get it on the phone if you are away pr your tv. here is the risk for severe weather. the timeline from 8:00 this morning through 4:00 this afternoon. that's a long period of time. we'll watch this line move through central florida during that time. starting off in northwestern zones first. around noon, it will be on top of i-4 and then pushing over into eastern zones like brevard county around 4:00, 45k. it won't be on top of all areas all the time. it is a line moving through. the main threat, strong winds greater than 40 miles an hour. we can't rule out the possibility of a storm. you can see, this is radar right now. most all of us are dry. we are pinpointing the severe storm. this is a severe thunderstorm warning in the big bend region with wind and a lot of lightning. ofar, no tornado warnings there but there were tornado warnings earlier in parts of south georgia. we'll pinpoint more of this moving in our direction. plenty of warm humid air ahead
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it is 69 in orlando. 70 in ocala. 71 right now at cocoa beach. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> as we take you through the day, look at the sky, plenty of clouds and 80% coverage of rain at noon. we see 78 and then we go up to 81 at 4:00. we taper rain chances off. into the nighttime hours, 10% chance of rain and cooling into the 50's. let's watch closely the timing, 8:00 this morning, northwestern zones. 10:00 moving along i-4 at noon. right on top of the large part of central florida. and then it continues off to the east by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in parts of brevard and osceola county. by 5:00, 6:00 we clear and look better. better news tonight. we have to deal with it this afternoon. low 80's for afternoon highs. early morning temperatures tomorrow in the 40's and 50's. it will be chilly. what about tomorrow?
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a drastic change in temperatures after today's 81. we stay dry through the weekend. let's head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> thank you so much. as far as the roads go right now. not too bad. we had one stalled vehicle. otherwise, it is scheduled construction and no delaysment this one, you can get around it just fine. it is right over by the john young parkway exit. something to keep in mind. my live camera is looking great. minimal company on the roads. it may be about to get cool outside but things are heating up on the ice. >> teaming up with the solar bears to fight homelessness. we'll broadcast the game live from the amway at 8:00. every time hash talling rethink homelessness shows up, the solar
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. >>. >> good morning. on the consumer watch, bad news for chocolate lovers. >> reps with mars have announced they are recalling several brands of candy bars in 45e countries. the recall includes millions of mars, snickers and mickey way chocolate bars because plastic was found in one of its products which the company says can make you choke. reps say you should not buy mars or nickers with best before dates of october or july of 24016. coming up, we are following breaking news out of daytona beach. >> we are live at the scene of a shooting just ahead.
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>> you'll be proud of your president and you'll be prouder of your country. >> what the results mean moving forward. >> first up, breaking news from overnight. a tornado causes problems in the panhandle.
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>> a line of storms heads this way and the storms already turned deadly in the south. >> we are live working to get you answers from police on if a dangerous gunman could be object run. >> breaking overnight, in election 2016, the results are in from the nevada caucuses. it is another big win for donald trump. our big story right now, the weather. good morning. it is 5:30. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. within a few hours, this line of showers and storms could actually be in central florida. some of it could be severe. let's get the latest from troy bridges in the pinpoint weather center with the latest and also a timeline. >> it will be in central florida within the next two hours.


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